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natalia cervantes, founder of digital data harvest.

as a digital data harvester, natalia uses key marketing tools and insights to help business owners make better strategic marketing decisions, while saving you money and time.

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about natalia sergeyevna cervantes

natalia immigrated to the United States in 2001 and is the founder of digital data harvest.


she enjoys using a measurement-first approach to help her clients better resonate with their audience, develop an impactful strategy, and create content that encourages strong user journeys. most recently, she's had the pleasure of being a marketing consultant to the top-rated Colorado attorney, Ken Eichner, speaking and presentation coach, Tanis Roeder, CSP,  award-winning author, Tony Davidow, CIMA, and a conversation architect for Potatoes USA.


natalia's diverse bi-lingual and multi-faceted background gives her a unique behavioral perspective on humans. how does that translate into the digital space? unfortunately, alien's have not invaded earth yet and the only users currently navigating the world wide web are humans. you could make the argument that robots are also navigating the world wide web, in which case- let's talk.

as a graduate of Indiana University Kelley School of Business, natalia is certified in SEO with Boulder SEO Marketing, is a registered Google Partner for Google Analytics/Ads Manager, holds a Digital Marketing Certification from Yale School of Management, and a Plant-Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University. 

her favorite marketing experience is launching the Rolex TV and Airport campaign in the U.S., creating the  Saucony sponsored Your Run Your Story campaign with BOLDERBoulder, and redesigning a 3.5million visitor website without losing rank while growing 15% in organic traffic. the website did win the "2022 website communicator award" in the digital space, but no one likes a bragger.  

she also produces and hosts Potato-Cast- a podcast that speaks directly to U.S. potato farmers about challenges and opportunities their industry is currently facing. available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast

in her free time, natalia enjoys running in new places- ideally in extreme environments, such as the Nā Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii, a downpour, or snowstorm.  she also likes cooking dishes from her childhood in Russia and finding the best shoestring fries everywhere she goes. 

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"the best is the enemy of the good." - voltaire

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